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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This rumour is not new, nor is it particularly earth-shattering. However, with Windows Phone 7 failing to make a dent in the market place, and Nokia's Lumia 800 not making huge waves either, the rumour's been taken out of the shed again: Microsoft is supposedly acquiring Nokia's smartphone division later this year. Stephen Elop will resign from Nokia shortly afterwards.
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What makes you so optimistic, that Nokia as a primarily hardware vendor has the power to establish a new Smartphone OS in the marketplace alone, when even mighty MS in combination with Nokia cannot do that?

I know quite a few guys owning an N900, and they say it's quite a nice gadget for a geek, but the are totally pissed that nokia dropped Software support almost immediately after they bought it (and that was well before the WP7-deal). No one of them (and also me) would ever trust Nokia again in developing an own platform and providing support on a long run.

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