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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Hold on to your panties, because this should come as a surprise: I'm actually agreeing that Samsung is copying Apple. The Korean company just released a new entry-level Android smartphone, and it's called the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. While Apple's previous complaints regarding Samsung's supposed copying were obviously nonsense, this Galaxy Ace Plus, on the other hand... It's almost as if Samsung is giving Apple the finger by copying the iPhone 3G(S) almost verbatim.
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You'd like to know the thought process?
by mrstep on Thu 5th Jan 2012 23:40 UTC
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"Hey, look, Apple has this product - let's copy it!"

But seriously, how is it any different than what they've been doing for the past couple years? 30 pin connector? Check! Same power adapter style? Check! Quick tablet knock off? Check! Get the nephew of the CEO to make a clone cover? Check! Apparently they were able to think of a way to make the tablet not look EXACTLY like the iPad when banned, but basically they're just looking at what sells and mimicking it.

Congrats on their new Galaxy3GS - note they're targeting the non-US market since they know they'll get banned here quickly. Probably not the case in Korea.

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