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Syllable, AtheOS Red/System, the new programming language that is used in the Syllable project, has reached its next milestone: an ARM code generator backend for its compiler. It supports Android (screenshot) and generic ARM Linux (screenshot on Debian). Earlier, the backend for generating Mac OS X executables was already completed (for x86 CPUs so far).
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RE[2]: Comment by henderson101
by cipri on Fri 6th Jan 2012 14:03 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by henderson101"
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-pekr- , it's true that sometimes I use to write also non-topic stuff, but at least syllable related. If you took a look at the major of comments are writing also non-topic stuff, even you.

Now you start attacking henderson just because he also says too that he lost interest in syllable because of kaj/rebol/server.
The low man power is a direct consequence of this.
Nearly all developers that left did it because of that.
I dont want to give more proofs for that assertion, because it's private, if you dont believe it it's fine. But you can also contact them yourself, and ask them, perhaps they will talk with you about that subject.

Another reason why I dont think that there will other programmers apear, which will follow kaj is based on the following idea:
Kaj has a very low c++ knowledge, and his system programming competence is also as good as non-existent. His competences are more in the domain of scripting. (If you dont trust me, just ask kaj a few details about the appserver)
If you want somebody to "follow" you, you need to be strong.
Vanders was a good leader, because people trusted in his programming capabilities. And that's why haiku is a success, because they have a democratic voting system, and because they have exceptional programmers, which surpass even vanders by large margins. Their deep insight in nearly all parts of haiku (api,kernel,filesystem,..) give you a lot of trust.

And yes, the good organisation of haiku is also a reason for their success. It's great to see how all the management of all donations and all money won by haiku is open for anybody to see. In the case of syllable you dont know what happens with your donation.
Can you be sure that Kaj never used donations for private use?

And a remark relate do Haiku/Syllable so that you can compare better their performance:
When Syllable started in 2002, they started with a fork of Atheos which has been by then already quite advanced. And syllable was free to break all binary/source code compatibily to atheos, and also to itself all the time.
While haiku started from scratch, with the goal to be even binary compatible to beos who's source code they have never seen.
I guess you can see that, the task of haiku was one a lot more hard, and still they managed to surpass syllable already in as good as any domain. Even at scripting!
The last "development build" of syllable is now 2 years old, while haiku is compiled everyday.

I guess kaj is hoping to find new developers using propaganda, but i guess he doesnt understand that in the long-run propaganda is not enough.

It doesnt help to call everyone Troll when writing something bad related to syllable. This wont make syllable look better, because any serious developer takes first a look at the history of syllable before he invests his time in syllable. And the facts are very visible: The last release has been 2-3 years ago, the real improvements to the core system in the last years are nearly zero. In the last years most developers left, and the leader is a scripting-guy.
These facts are already enough for most serious developers to stay away from doing syllable-development.

I dont care much that you call me Troll, it's not a problem for me, but I hope that perhaps one day kaj will come to the conclusion that i said a lot of true. I was "ringing the alarm clocks" many years before that something is wrong. And even by then I was nearly too late for saving the situation. It was perhaps the last train to reconciliation, but kaj was not wise enough to do a step back.
And since then the future of syllable was what I was supposing it to be. A big stagnation.

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