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Syllable, AtheOS Red/System, the new programming language that is used in the Syllable project, has reached its next milestone: an ARM code generator backend for its compiler. It supports Android (screenshot) and generic ARM Linux (screenshot on Debian). Earlier, the backend for generating Mac OS X executables was already completed (for x86 CPUs so far).
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RE[3]: Comment by henderson101
by -pekr- on Fri 6th Jan 2012 15:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by henderson101"
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Ciphri - thanks for your post. Finally something reasonable. The reason I called you a troll is, because in the past, you jumped on Kaj almost at each Syllable mention.

Now to some points. From what you describe, I can't easily imagine, how the language selection might ruin all the project, apart from wrong organisation model, competences, and ego being part of the game. So was there no formal structure, simply to say NO to REBOL related stuff/aproach? What difference would it make, if someone would choose Python, Lua, whatever? Imo Kaj has no problem to agree, that he is not a C++ guru. But that does not help the situation either.

Simply put - it is always about ppl. But - it is also about a momentum. You see - REBOL had some momentum xy years ago, and - it's gone. We also have AmigaOS4.x, MorphOS 2.x, AROS - they might have wider userbase than even Haiku, but imo Haiku has the right momentum. Well, maybe it is just my feeling, I don't know.

There is simply many factors, to create successfull product. And also - it does not matter, how cool the architecture is, the success comes from differn conditions. Even if you would put 10 C++ programmers to follow the Syllable, it would not necessarily help. Simply ppl are not interested anymore, and even Haiku might be in trouble. Recently, the momentum is mobile plus embedded, desktop PCs are going to die-off in a big picture imo ...

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