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OSNews, Generic OSes Ah yes, why not? The last time we did this, it was March 2011, so it's been almost a year since we offered a little insight into what kind of operating systems and browsers you, dear readers, are using. Nothing particularly earth-shattering going on here.
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RE[3]: Flash usage
by rayson on Fri 6th Jan 2012 21:56 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Flash usage"
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Chrome ships with Adobe Flash pre-installed as part of the browser install. Thus, you do have Flash installed. ;) Just check the plugins page in Chrome, and you'll see it listed there. Even on Linux.

No, I made sure Flash is disabled in Chrome. I could not view Flash sites, and in fact some YouTube videos that are not VP8 encoded are not viewable in my Chrome installation.

Flash is the most annonying piece of software, and I always make sure that Flash is disabled in my default broswers. I don't want to use FlashBlock, and I don't want Flash, period.

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