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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Hold on to your panties, because this should come as a surprise: I'm actually agreeing that Samsung is copying Apple. The Korean company just released a new entry-level Android smartphone, and it's called the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. While Apple's previous complaints regarding Samsung's supposed copying were obviously nonsense, this Galaxy Ace Plus, on the other hand... It's almost as if Samsung is giving Apple the finger by copying the iPhone 3G(S) almost verbatim.
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No, you gave the link to demonstrate that Apple copied Palm just like Samsung copied Apple, but didn't really mean that Apple copied Palm.

Given that Samsung's own attorney couldn't tell their tablet and the iPad apart in the courtroom - "Not at this distance, your honor." - I don't think the question is whether there was a Palm product that looked different, the question is whether Samsung has tried to totally copy the Apple designs. This new phone is just another clear example of them doing so.

I know some people think that having Google copy the look of the OS and all the knock-off hardware makers copy the devices is just fine. I understand that it's OK in this case because Apple didn't actually invent electricity or the elements used to make their products and therefore just copied nature really. I mean, isn't that true?

I'm aware that most people who argue that point actually had made their own devices that looked and worked just like the iPhone before it was announced and just don't feel like showing them because it was so easy and obvious. I'm sure they weren't the ones saying 'Apple is going to make a phone? Is that a joke?' and laughing it off.

The fact that the patent system has issues and that Apple is a big company doesn't mean that they're always wrong. Not always right either by any means, but Samsung is just ripping Apple's ideas off in this case.

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