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RE[2]: Flash usage
by Lennie on Sat 7th Jan 2012 11:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Flash usage"
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The last few weeks YouTube has been pushing out changes and A/B testing* changed to perfect their support for WebM/HTML5 video.

For example, if you enable html5-support for Youtube at:

And you visit a different site with a YouTube video enabled, it is very much possible it will be displayed in HTML5/WebM.

I've also seen that YouTube has started to enable HTTPS support.

That means that could be the default in the future. This is to protect the login-cookie users use (used by people who upload and comment).

Only the video is downloaded over HTTP from the caching servers (it is a different domain, thus the cookie won't be sent in that case).

Also they are enabling HTTPS so they can enable the use of SPDY.

SPDY is the faster 'HTTP-transport'-method of loading pages from Google as implemented in Chrome and maybe Firefox 10, but probably Firefox 11.

* A/B testing is that certain users temporarily see the new version and other users see the original. This is to test what happends when you enable new code without impacting all users if something does not work.

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