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OSNews, Generic OSes Ah yes, why not? The last time we did this, it was March 2011, so it's been almost a year since we offered a little insight into what kind of operating systems and browsers you, dear readers, are using. Nothing particularly earth-shattering going on here.
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RE[6]: Flash usage
by Lennie on Mon 9th Jan 2012 10:52 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Flash usage"
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There is one difference with browser wars I, they are all open specifications. Most of the time there is real discussion, it is all out in de open.

You have to remember this is the W3 and IETF process:
- someone has an idea
- discuss/make a draft specification
- 1 or more vendors implement something
- in CSS/JavaScript they will get a "vendor-prefix" so it does not conflict with the real standard if it works differently.
- there will be a lot of in the field experience
- a more "final" specification is made
- all or atleast most of the vendors implement the "final" specification
- the specification is announced as final
- the remaining vendor will probably also implement it

So the time between: have an idea and get something in one or 2 vendors browser is actually not all that long. Maybe half a year, but it can take years before all vendors adopt it.

There is nothing proprietary about it.

Have to admit, the Google developers do create a lot of new ideas/code to try it out in real life.

Something like SPDY needs a lot of operational experience before any other vendors would even think of deploying it. Deploying it on the Google websites is thus a really good idea.

Other vendors are free to come up with their own ideas and implement them. If it turns out they have a better idea, other vendors will adapt that.

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