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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Somewhere in 2001, I bought a computer magazine which came with a Linux CD. I had heard of Linux before, but while we did have broadband back then and was technically capable of downloading a Linux distribution, this method was far easier. This was my first foray into Linux - it was Mandrake. Now, though, it seems the curtain has really dropped for the French Linux company.
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That's the problem with most Linux distributions, actually. If the only difference between ABC Linux and XYZ Linux is that one has KDE and the other, GNOME, but I can install either on either, why should I bother to switch? Ubuntu's differentiation is simple: marketing. Debian's is that it's Free Software (and runs on some architectures nobody else does). Slackware is BSD-like. Et cetera. What did Mandrake, and later, Mandriva, have that others didn't? I honestly don't know.

For a lot of people Mandrake/Mandriva just worked. You didn't have to do a lot of hacking to switch away from other OS's. The infighting of Mandriva happend while the other distros were getting easier to use, which made for a powerful one-two punch.

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