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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Canonical is indeed bringing a TV to CES. But it's not about hardware just yet: Ubuntu TV is a brand new derivitave of Ubuntu, with a full-in TV-optimized UI inspired by Unity, and full-on media center and DVR features. There's a movie, TV and music store, a YouTube app, and of course it's all optimized for a lean-back remote experience. The software will be free for manufacturers to package with their TVs, and Ubuntu says there will be TVs on shelves by the end of the year."
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RE: Raspberry Pi
by ilovebeer on Mon 9th Jan 2012 18:38 UTC in reply to "Raspberry Pi"
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Hope they make a version of this that's designed to work with the raspberry pi when they are finally released.

It would make a super cheap htpc solution

Cheap linux-based htpc solutions already exist and run software such as mythtv, xbmc, vdr, mms, and so on.

Another note... The Raspberry Pi is capable of HD _progressive_ playback but that's not impressive. In order for this to be a real htpc option it needs to be able to deinterlace HD content while maintaining smooth playback and sync. Additionally, the deinterlacing needs to be of at least decent quality. The Raspberry Pi has _not_ proven capable of doing this and I seriously question whether it's possible at all. I doubt it. Remember, the Raspberry Pi is not designed & intended to be used as an htpc, but rather a cheap piece of hardware able to provide a usable desktop in an educational environment. Very big difference.

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