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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, well, well, what have we here? Hackers have gained access to internal documents from the Indian Military (shared on the web), and in it, it is revealed that RIM, Nokia, and Apple have added backdoors to their mobile software (BlackBerry, S40 (supposedly), and iOS) which the Indian Military's intelligence service then used to spy on the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (the USCC). The backdoors were added by RIM, Nokia, and Apple in exchange for Indian market presence.
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Openmoko rebirth: GTA04
by xdrudis on Tue 10th Jan 2012 00:47 UTC in reply to "Remember those FOSS cribled with trojan ?"
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Well, since you asked "what about openmoko?" let me publicize a little its successor: GTA04 (I'm not associated with Golden Delicious or anyone selling it). For me it's he best option I know to avoid spyware and other nasty surprises in your mobile phone if you want and can pay for it.
There's also a little bit about environment, labour, solvency and tooling, but it's mostly about open hardware and free software.
I think it hasn't been commented here in OSNews ?

A company in Baviera has designed a new motherboard for the GTA01 or GTA02 models of openmoko phones. It has built some prototypes and sold them to early adopters who are busy writing drivers, porting software etc. It is making a slightly fixed next version which sells in smaller quantities and it's
collecting orders to see if it can sell them a little cheaper if orders reach 350 units this month.

Replacing the phone PCB with GTA04 improves on speed, memory,
sensors, mobile internet, USB version, etc. There's progress on linux-3.2, QtMoko, power saving and other developments. There's also efforts to identify/procure/design/build/sell the rest of the hardware needed for a complete phone (if you don't have a GTA02 or GTA01 to recycle), including the case.

Details at <a href=""> .

Some ways to help:

- spread the word

- order one

- help testing/developing/upstreaming if you already have one

- if you have a freerunner or Neo1973 you don't want anymore, sell it on the net, donate it or contact the mailing list. This will increase the potential GTA04 buyers at this stage.

- help to design and manufacture new cases. The CAD files for the previous phone cases are available but not 3D printable yet.

- offer help in upgrading the motherboard to those near you if you feel competent

- resell the PCB or offer paid service .

- help source the remaining components for a complete phone.

- donate money

- develop free replacements for the propietary firmware (Libertas for wifi/bluetooth, maybe something
for the GSM/UMTS module) or free drivers (Power GSX GPU, modem, optional camera...)

- lend measuring equipment (for RF analysis, power dissipation measurements, etc.)

- convince the chip manufacturers to release more documentation

- write applications for the new possibilities with increased bandwith, computing performace and sensors

- etc.

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