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Java Two years hence, Oracle's stewardship of Java continues to raise user and vendor ire, this time due to modularization, licensing, and security concerns. 'Plans for version 8 of Java Platform Standard Edition, which is due next year, call for inclusion of Project Jigsaw to add modular capabilities to Java. But some organizations are concerned with how Oracle's plans might conflict with the OSGi module system already geared to Java. In the licensing arena, Canonical, the maker of Ubuntu Linux, says Oracle is no longer letting Linux distributors redistribute Oracle's own commercial Java, causing difficulties for the company. Meanwhile, security vendor F-Secure views Java as security hindrance.'
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"Yet, I understand it's still news (not sensational, but still important). Nevertheless, the editor feels the need to include Canonical not being able to re-distribute Java -- which was already discussed here"

Are you complaining that an author from infoworld is talking about something already discussed on osnews? I for one don't mind the inclusion of the licensing facts in the article, but what are you proposing osnews do about it?

"Please mark opinion and news articles properly."

That seems to be more trouble than it's worth, it would cause debate over something not worth debating. Just take all articles for what they are, the view of the author.

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