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Windows The latest blog entry from Steven Sinofsky about Windows 8 describes the Storage Spaces functionality . From the blog entry it seems Windows 8 is getting something ZFS-like. The Storage Spaces can be created in the command line via Powershell, or in the Control Panel for the ones that prefer a more mouse-friendly interface.
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by static666 on Wed 11th Jan 2012 07:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Meh..."
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Hmm, that's peculiar. It sounds like their "thin provisioning" is really an overcommit feature, where more resources are promised than are available.

Well, overcommit is possible but is a pretty niche feature for big old stupid DBs in server environments where you're better announcing a giant data partition and letting it be initialized at once rather than bring it down for maintenance every time to expand it later.

The more important feature of thin provisioning is that pool space is allocated on the fly to the individual volume requesting it.

Basically, on a 1TB drive you're going to have C: D: E: volumes each reporting 1TB available with their free space shared and you wouldn't need to worry about running of space or wasting it on some volumes. But you will still have 1TB in total, of course. And I'm not sure if Windows will be able to reclaim and reallocate unused space.

In the obvious case of create/read/write calls, they can just return error codes, but it gets much more complicated when memory mapped data manipulation fails (consider the linux memory over-commit solution is the "out-of-memory killer").

It certainly won't panic. Ever tried to add a swap file with holes in Linux? It simply won't allow this. You have to allocate every 0 of it to a real storage.

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