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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Somewhere in 2001, I bought a computer magazine which came with a Linux CD. I had heard of Linux before, but while we did have broadband back then and was technically capable of downloading a Linux distribution, this method was far easier. This was my first foray into Linux - it was Mandrake. Now, though, it seems the curtain has really dropped for the French Linux company.
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Who gives a damn--bottom line is the company is doing no good having bankruptcy threats every damn year. I'm not aware of too much good the company has done in recent years; if anything, their constant state of turmoil is causing fragmentation in Linux. Otherwise, Mageia wouldn't have formed. I never hear of Mandriva contributing to anything major in general to open source software of the community either, and there sure ain't proof of any in this thread.

And come on... a programmer doesn't automatically go to oil companies because he loses his job, Get serious. He'll go to another open source company (Red Hat), some proprietary company, or even just start developing for one of the other dozens of major Linux distros in his free time instead.

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