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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Somewhere in 2001, I bought a computer magazine which came with a Linux CD. I had heard of Linux before, but while we did have broadband back then and was technically capable of downloading a Linux distribution, this method was far easier. This was my first foray into Linux - it was Mandrake. Now, though, it seems the curtain has really dropped for the French Linux company.
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Mandriva the real story
by roger101 on Thu 12th Jan 2012 21:39 UTC
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Linux is shell owned by Occam in Luxembourg which is acquired by Bryan Garnier in 2009. Acquisition detail is available in the publish official report of bryan garnier of 2009 financial report. So its factually incorrect to say Bryan garnier has no role to play, it is playing big role from back door and through their employee Marc Goldberg.  Olivier Garnier will have lot of explanation to do as he is the owner of bryan garnier, why he is killing French open source company.

Marc Goldberg was earlier Chairman of Mandriva board before joining bryan garnier. According to minutes of the shareholder meeting of Mandriva official published documents. Marc Goldberg who is now employed by bryan garner resigned from Mandriva chairmanship just 1 day before mandriva was applying for bankruptcy in May 2010, according to minutes of the shareholder meeting recored in registerer. That time chamber of commerce gave 65% discount on the debt of Mandriva ( that time lot of employee become unemployed due to closure of Mandriva subsidiary of Edge-IT).

So linlux (occam) bryan garnier is again playing with the lives of french employee. Mandriva has recently won 2 big projects and its try to establish itself but its seem bryan garner wants to again destabilize open source foundation of France.

Mandriva new investor NGI wants to invest in Mandriva , will not only enhance French IT company eco-system but also retain French employment but bryan garnier stop it for their personal interest. Olivier Garnier has to explain to community why he is against open source, is Microsoft paying bryan garnier to play dirty.

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