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FreeBSD Some people already submitted this news last week, but it wasn't until today that it became official: the FreeBSD team has announced the release of FreeBSD version 9.0. As you may expect from the major version number change, this is releas eis packed with new stuff.
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by sbergman27 on Fri 13th Jan 2012 03:31 UTC in reply to "hm..."
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intel HD gfx are not supported very well (uses VESA mode..)

GPL has its advantages. But it really is a tragedy that we can't (or won't) give them our driver code. Lot's of work there that will need to be duplicated. Of course, there is a lot more to porting such a driver than getting over the licensing hurdles. Especially considering the graphics memory management differences. Sun (hypothetically) changing their licence on ZFS would likely have made no difference to Linux's collection of filesystems. But still, it's a damn shame. These guys are our allies. And we have to refuse to give them code because that would make it available to our enemies.

I'm not about to get into a long GPL vs BSD flame war. And I have no answers. But I *will* say that the current state of affairs is a dirty shame. We should at least all acknowledge that.

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