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FreeBSD Some people already submitted this news last week, but it wasn't until today that it became official: the FreeBSD team has announced the release of FreeBSD version 9.0. As you may expect from the major version number change, this is releas eis packed with new stuff.
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RE[4]: hm...
by Valhalla on Fri 13th Jan 2012 08:02 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: hm..."
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How uncharacteristically reasonable of you. I agree.

That has always been my stance on the subject, as you can easily see by any other posts I've made on the subject.

and more about whether the author is treating the OSes I use as second class citizens or not. Hence my concerns about Mozilla, which you referenced earlier.

'Concerns'.. lol. Also as I recall it the big gripe you had (atleast only one I've seen) with Mozilla was that you hated how they wouldn't allow distro versions of Firefox to use the name Firefox (which to me makes perfect sense), then you gave your support to Chrome which did the exact same thing (Chrome - Chromium) indicating that whatever Mozilla did to create that huge animosity you have against them likely wasn't that.

I'm quite happy to see FreeBSD doing well. Such sentiments seem to upset some people.

Certainly not me, my favourite (and hopefully future day to day OS) is Haiku and I've never understood why some people despise it, sometimes for what seems like nothing but the fact that it exists.

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