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Google Pretty interesting. "Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) is our biggest redesign yet - both for users and developers. We've enhanced the UI framework with new interactions and styles that will let you create Android apps that are simpler and more beautiful than ever before. To help you in that mission, we're introducing Android Design: the place to learn about principles, building blocks, and patterns for creating world-class Android user interfaces. Whether you're a UI professional or a developer playing that role, these docs show you how to make good design decisions, big and small."
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RE[2]: Too bad
by senshikaze on Fri 13th Jan 2012 12:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Too bad"
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I know that updates and fragmentation are a problem if you are trying to make another iPhone (which seems to be where WP7 is going), but is it really that big a deal on android? I always just assumed android was a one size fits many drop-in phone OS. It looks a lot like the fragmentation we have in the linux distro world. I don't see why google should force companies (which they can't since you can download the open source version and roll your own without any help from google) into a small number of manufacturer/carrier customizations. The market is full of many, many phones, from niche ones to super powerful ones.
The only people, that I can see, that complain that android is fragmented are power users, which are generally the ones that a) buy nexus or b) put a 3rd party rom on their phones. While I dislike much of the above customization (I have an HTC, and Sense lasted almost an hour before I started using cyanogenmod), I think it is the manufacturers' right as companies to re-brand anything they sell however they want.
Apple gets away with having the One True Phone because they own manufacturing from the ground up, and Microsoft is mimicking that, though with a little bit of freedom for the manu., neither of those approaches works for android, or google.
Besides, it is market dynamics. Shouldn't the consumer get to decide what is best for them?

Of course that is just my opinion, I personally will only buy nexus and/or use cyanogenmod.

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