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Windows And so the war on general computing continues. Were you looking forward to ARM laptops and maybe even desktops now that Windows 8 will also be released for ARM? I personally was, because I'd much rather have a thin, but fast and economical machine than a beastly Intel PC. Sadly, it turns out that all our fears regarding UEFI's Secure Boot feature were justified: Microsoft prohibits OEMs from allowing you to install anything other than Windows 8 on ARM devices (the Software Freedom Law Center has more).
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Bill Shooter of Bul,

"I don't know about you but that's how I first tried linux, BeOS, FreeBSD, QNX, etc. I had a pc laying around that I had purchased with windows on it and dual booted."

That's just it, we are able to experiment with alternative operating systems in the first place BECAUSE the hardware isn't restricted. I also learned linux after installing it on my windows box. I might not have been able to learn linux if I needed to buy another computer in order to do so. (That's probably what microsoft is counting on with the secure boot restrictions).

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