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FreeBSD Some people already submitted this news last week, but it wasn't until today that it became official: the FreeBSD team has announced the release of FreeBSD version 9.0. As you may expect from the major version number change, this is releas eis packed with new stuff.
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by sbergman27 on Fri 13th Jan 2012 18:11 UTC in reply to "RE: FFS :ASD"
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Whenever I watch demos, what I really find myself envying ZFS users are the slick command line tools that very simply and easily manage the partitioning, the lvm, the raid layer, and the fs, all at the same time.

There's no reason that Linux's current stack couldn't have such an elegant solution.

At this point, I usually get recommendations: Oh! Just apt-get this or that. But I've never found anything as elegant as what I see in ZFS.

I've not been keeping as close an eye on btrfs as maybe I should. It might have such tools. Or might get them. It seems to lend itself more to such an integrated approach, concerns about "rampant layering violations" aside. ;-)

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