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Google It really hasn't been Google's week. First the entire internet exploded because of some uninteresting nonsense regarding social networking (really internet?), but today something happened that's actually a bad thing and worth talking about: in Kenya, Google has been caught accessing the databases of a competing business, and offering Google's own product to the people in the database. Google has already apologised, and is currently investigating the matter.
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Do no evil
by sbergman27 on Fri 13th Jan 2012 23:09 UTC
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Kinda throws a wet blanket on the "Do No Evil" slogan when individuals can exploit that powerful concentration of collected data to do as they please.

I think Google, the company, is pure gold. But Google, the collection of individual employees? That has to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Fortunately, other than my bank card number, no one could possibly have the slightest interest in my humble life-stream.

I've always found the realization of how unimportant I am to be oddly comforting. I've got plenty of nothing. And nothing's plenty for me.


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