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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Raspberry Pis started being made a couple of days ago, but I was forbidden to tell you about it until signed contracts and receipts for payment had arrived - it's been killing me, especially since I've had tens of you asking me when manufacturing would start every day for the last few weeks. I am not good at keeping secrets." No more secrets to keep, Liz! I can't wait to place my order.
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by sbergman27 on Fri 13th Jan 2012 23:34 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Subtext"
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Yes. The hardships were different. No access to proper medical care, even for Kings. Backbreaking labor that was so pervasive that people sometimes didn't even remember to complain about it.

In more recent times... meh, we can do a hell of a lot more with the money we have. Just go to Walmart and look around. In the old days (not the medieval ones; I'm not *that* old) I certainly never saw people carting out 32 inch TVs (One for upstairs, one for downstairs) in one shopping cart, because they were on sale, and paying with their bank cards.

You've got to have have attained a certain level of comfort to do that, though. But today, only the "Attention Walmart Shoppers" level is necessary.

Much of the rest of the world does not enjoy such luxury.

I'd continue. But my Lion In Winter download just ding'd to inform me that it was completed.

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