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Google It really hasn't been Google's week. First the entire internet exploded because of some uninteresting nonsense regarding social networking (really internet?), but today something happened that's actually a bad thing and worth talking about: in Kenya, Google has been caught accessing the databases of a competing business, and offering Google's own product to the people in the database. Google has already apologised, and is currently investigating the matter.
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RE[4]: monopoly abuse
by Tony Swash on Sat 14th Jan 2012 10:55 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: monopoly abuse"
Tony Swash
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"Your love fest with Google knows no bounds.

-1 for trolling.

Look up the article history on OSNews. Heck, just check the Android review. I'm not going to read a comment that starts with that nonsense.

I started my comment with that because you ended yours with this:

This is such non-news.

Your response conveniently means you don't have to respond to any of my points (which I thought were reasonably laid out). You think what happened with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Google search is a non-issue. Not worth of a discussion. Insignificant. I was suggesting that it is was indicative of a business model whose affects on the web and upon all of us was worth a critical look.

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