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FreeBSD Some people already submitted this news last week, but it wasn't until today that it became official: the FreeBSD team has announced the release of FreeBSD version 9.0. As you may expect from the major version number change, this is releas eis packed with new stuff.
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Not that anyone will read this comment way down here.

Yet some of us still read this.

There's a lot new in this release: not least a huge upgrade to ZFS.

Indeed, at this rate FreeBSD will be what OpenSolaris could have been.

I can't wait to have a decent NAS Server at home with ZFS. It will probably be a Mac Mini with a Thunderbolt attached set of 6-8 3TB WD Caviar Green (RAIDZ+Spare) and two SSDs, if the FreeBSD ZFS implementation supports L2ARC acceleration using Flash storage and a second Thunderbolt attached 1Gbps NIC.

I like my storage to be fast and to be able to do the following:
* Be able to keep my VMWare Virtual Machines stored over iSCSI exported ZVols.
* Be able to keep all my files and time machine backups safely with snapshotting.

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