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Legal "Three weeks ago the 23-year-old UK-based administrator of a TV show and movie links site was arrested by police. The site, referred to only as TVShack, could be one of three domains of which two are already controlled by the US government after their seizure as part of Operation in Our Sites. Following his detention in the UK's largest prison, the admin is now fighting his extradition to the U.S. with the help of Gary McKinnon's lawyer." His site only linked; it did not host. The most damning point is that he was found not guilty under UK law. So, does this mean The Netherlands can request extradition of, say, Rick Santorum for his blatant anti-homosexual remarks, which are illegal under Dutch law? That would be fun.
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RE[4]: Santorum
by zima on Sun 15th Jan 2012 03:10 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Santorum"
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The issue here is, "he"/"them" not only don't see any problem with it - they essentially see gay bashing and such as a ~virtuous thing to do (NVM the amount of actual harm it brings)

Demanding to bring (real) moral superiority issues to the table with such people is a bit naive at this point, after the non-issues they raise have been addressed in more eloquent ways numerous times over the years - evidently it just doesn't work.
(so, let Savage & co. have his cheap shots if they want, especially since they're the ones really impacted by whole mess)

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