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FreeBSD Some people already submitted this news last week, but it wasn't until today that it became official: the FreeBSD team has announced the release of FreeBSD version 9.0. As you may expect from the major version number change, this is releas eis packed with new stuff.
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You comment I'm afraid is balderdash friend. you see I DON'T HAVE TO do that with Windows because it has this little thing called SUPPORT which apparently is an alien word to Linux users. Xp? 14 years? Minimum average lifespan of Windows OSes? 7 years. Win 7? MSFT's roadmap has it supported until Apr 2020. Show me ONE distro, just one mind you, that will give a solid 7 years of updates with NO need to upgrade and i'll happily toss my "Is it safe" test because otherwise you HAVE NO CHOICE but to jump on the upgrade deathmarch.

Even what Linux foolishly calls an "LTS" is a lousy 3 years and I've found other than a few core packages after about a year updates for anything other than the core files is pretty much gone. Also Linux in another brain dead move often has software that demands kernel y when you have kernel x which means unless you have the skillz to compile from source you can give it up.

I have XP boxes in the field that have been there since 2002 with NO bugs and NO intervention from me other than hardware upgrades. It is THAT I need, not some fiddly PITB where my users are gonna be expected to become bash programmers and do forum dances just to get the stupid thing to run more than 6 months. if you can't give the common man that you have NO business saying "Linux is ready for the desktop" because that is a LIE. That is why Walmart, MSI, ASUS (who actually started the whole netbook thing with a Linux distro and no longer sells a single Linux unit) has abandoned Linux. Its simple, the QA isn't there and after sales support will eat through any savings on licenses and make Linux a money LOSER. Dell has to pay an entire dev team to keep their own personal repo which means they lose money on every ubuntu machine sold. i can't afford to lose money on every sale or hire a dev team friend, so i need something that not only works today but will STILL be working 4 years from now. kinda sad that I can't even find a single distro that gives even half the support time of a Windows edition, isn't it?

Oh and I hate to break the news to you but homes users DON'T BUY SUPPORT CONTRACTS so your entire plan is a giant fail. Nobody is gonna want a Linux computer that costs MORE than Windows which is exactly what your "plan" would entail. Windows 7 HP is $87, my time is $35 an hour, do the math. Just paying for a single "refresh' would put the cost of Linux over the cost of Windows. A wise man on this site I believe said "Linux is free if your time is worthless" but I don't give away my time so I need a product that when it walks out the door it remains functional with minimal work and skill required of the user. Windows with any non IE browser and a good free AV like Comodo fits that requirement, and the average length of desktop ownership in this area is 6 to 7 years as they get handed down to family. Can you show me a SINGLE distro that will give me that length without having to wipe and reinstall? Which is why I asked about BSD because I can already tell you the answers with regard to linux, and its "not a chance".

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