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Internet & Networking The Obama administration has responded to two petitions regarding SOPA, but in true political fashion, the response is 838 words of absolutely nothing at all. Here's a link, but don't complain to me about losing 10 minutes of your life reading this empty drivel. How about taking a stand for once, eh?
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RE[2]: Basically...
by WorknMan on Mon 16th Jan 2012 09:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Basically..."
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I seriously do not understand what people have an issue with in SOPA if all the bad stuff is taken out....of course, if you remove the DNS provision, if you require real due process, if you prevent entrenched interests from being able to abuse it to fight start up competition and free speech, then what is left?

The problem with SOPA is the same either with or without the bad stuff included - it does nothing to prevent piracy. If you shut down one site or avenue for piracy, there'll be three more the next week to take its place.

The linked to post has it part right... piracy is a problem, but it's a business problem, in the same kind of way that the automobile was to the horse and buggy industry. Meaning, you probably weren't able to make much money selling horse carriages once the automobile became popular. How stupid would it have been for the horse & buggy industry to try and pass laws that made it illegal for people to drive in order to prop up an industry that would've died on its own?

Thus, new technologies have a tendency to make some business models obsolete, and trying to sell something that can be replicated endlessly for $0 is just not a viable business model anymore. Of course, you can scream and shout and cry all you want about those filthy f**king pirates, but it still doesn't change the inevitable. You see ads at the beginning of DVDs about how 'you wouldn't steal a car', but if people could clone one out of thin air at no cost, you bet your ass they would do it.

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