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Internet & Networking Big news from Capitol Hill in Washington DC today: House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa has said that the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has been "shelved" in the House of Representatives, meaning it has been put on indefinite hold until a consensus about the act can be reached. Sadly, SOPA's counterpart in the Senate, the Protect IP Act (PIPA) will still be pushed forward, meaning we must remain vigilant. Despite all of this, Wikipedia has announced it will join the blackout coming Wednesday.
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I did no such thing, and you know it. I posted two similar comments, and both of them explain why I have the opinion I have - none of my points were countered by you. None. Zero. Nada.

Yes you did you said "you cannot believe this that and the other because I said so". In the other thread. Which is related to this one. You gave no reasoning why and then threatened me, by banning me on this website if I didn't agree with you.

Your lack of any form of proper grammar in this sentence seems to indicate a certain amount of agitation on your end (other than the plain lie that it is, as any of the thousands of people disagreeing with me in the comments' sections can attest to). I suggest you take a glass of water or something.

I cocked up and thus I saw my mistake and corrected it. Minor mistake really. If you have never made a mistake you should be the first to throw a stone.

I have already said my statements on this subject. I think you are intellecutually dishonest and cannot admit you are wrong on anything. If you wish to "ban" me that will not prove you are correct.

If you wish to get into personal discussion about my nature on there (BTW you pretty much own this place) I can be contacted via my email or website both which you can find out easily.

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