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Google "The fragmentation of Android is very real and very problematic for end users, developers, mobile operators, device manufacturers, and Google. However fragmentation does not mean Android is going to 'die' or 'fail' as some seem to think. On the contrary I think we can count on Android playing a significant role in our world for a long, long time. I also am confident that Google has already lost control of Android and has zero chance of regaining control. This post explains why I'm so confident about this."
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Divided We Fall
by sbergman27 on Tue 17th Jan 2012 02:33 UTC
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One thing I can't help but notice, on desktops at least, is that the more unified the software solution, the more popular it tends to be. And the more divided the software solution, the more it goes trudging on for year after year after year after year, holding its own, but not making a dent in the status quo. Windows absolutely rules the desktop. Linux sits at < 0.5% - 0.75%... for over a decade now.

Apple may seem to buck the trend. But another degree of freedom comes becomes important in that case. They hold both software and hardware fixed. Solaris/Sun is probably a good example of how you can get a leg up that way. Albeit in the server market.

Windows leverages the appeal of an integrated desktop solution sliding along on the coattails of Intel's hardware dominance.

Mobile devices look kinda like the desktop model. And Android looks a bit like the Linux model. Somewhat better on the hardware end, maybe.

One can make an argument that fragmentation *can* be good in this or that case. But it's awfully hard to make an argument that pointless fragmentation isn't bad.

Android can't afford to allow pointless fragmentation.

When I start seeing articles explaining how fragmentation of a particular platform isn't really bad, it is difficult for me to interpret it as good news for the platform.

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