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FreeBSD Some people already submitted this news last week, but it wasn't until today that it became official: the FreeBSD team has announced the release of FreeBSD version 9.0. As you may expect from the major version number change, this is releas eis packed with new stuff.
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Did you miss the "doesn't cost MORE than Windows" part? RHEL costs MORE than Windows, a LOT more. It costs $299 a year unless you choose "self support" aka forum hunts which is $49 a year. windows 7 HP costs on average $89 and gets you updates until 2020.

You see THIS is the problem folks, there simply isn't a Linux desktop in existence that gives decent QA and reliable updates without costing MUCH more than Windows. There is simply no way to even break even on $140 machines with a $300 a year RHEL license, and if you go CentOS you are right back to forum hunts.

Most home users can NOT tell you the make/model/rev of even one piece in their machines, much less every piece, which means doing forum hunts is right out, and even if you could somehow magically take them to the correct place in the forum (no small task) every single time every time I've gone to the forums the code I've been given is not only CLI (which means a single mistake and its boned) but it has ALWAYS needed to be "tweaked" because it was written for Rev A/firmware B and you have Rev C/firmware D and if it isn't tweaked it doesn't work. this is waaay beyond the skillset of a home user, heck you might as well have told them they need to write their own wireless stack.

Never before in history has Linux had a greater advantage yet once again nobody is gonna step up to the plate so it will pass you by. Users are more than ever using only online apps, the great XP dieoff is placing millions of overpowered desktops and laptops on the market dirt cheap,and MSFT's current pricing makes Windows Home out of the question, yet most of these machines will end up with pirated Windows or thrown in the trash simply because the community refuses to accept Suzy the checkout girl isn't a C programmer in disguise. What she needs is the PC equivalent of a toaster, you push the button it goes. With automatic updates and a decent AV you get that with Windows for a decade at a time, with Linux as I've seen first you'll be lucky if it survives the first 6 month upgrade with 80% functionality.

For those that say Linux is ready for the desktop here is your chance to prove it, we are talking HOME users, not geeks nor programmers, they need a functional system that will last a minimum of 6 years with updates/patches or with upgrades that don't puke on the drivers. these people can NOT do forum hunts, they can NOT use CLI, and the hours of training required to teach them those skills will again push the price higher than the $89 for Windows HP.

I have 4 boxes sitting here with more on the way so i can test your solution and see if it passes a 3 year simulation, so lets hear it, I'm all ears. I'd hate to have to sell these machines to the shop down the road just so he can slap a pirated Win 7 and call it a day, but that is what its looking like I'll have to do because so far all FOSS solutions have failed one or more requirements.

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