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Internet & Networking Well, well, well, well. Just like I, and many others with me, have said: SOPA is most certainly not dead. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith has just pushed out a press release stating that the House debate on SOPA will continue in February, 'unshelving' SOPA only a few days after it was supposedly shelved.
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Sleazy Tactics
by mikeinohio on Thu 19th Jan 2012 06:35 UTC
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I am not surprised that SOPA has been shelved for now. The critters in congress and the senate know better than to impose such rubbish in an election year. The lawmakers will wait until the elections are safely behind them to pass this. It is conceivable that the legislation that is passed after the election will be even worse. American politicians have a long history of doing such things. The politicians know that, thanks to the short memory of the typical voter, there will be no consequences to passing such crap legislation if they time it correctly.

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