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OSNews, Generic OSes ...and we're back. Like so many other sites on the web, OSNews joined the worldwide protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT-IP Act, which threaten to end free speech, economic innovation, privacy, and the free exchange of information on the web. I don't wish to waste too many words on our participation, so consider this item as a sort of comment lightening rod to make sure that when the next story is posted, we can focus fully on its topic. Update: DC seems to be getting the message the internet sent today.
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RE: Musings on SOPA and piracy
by Valhalla on Thu 19th Jan 2012 07:55 UTC in reply to "Musings on SOPA and piracy"
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I would take it one step further in regards to the whole 'losing jobs' thing. I am certain that piracy does result in lost sales, how many lost sales is another matter entirely and it's obviously not anywhere remotely near the one lost sale per illegal copy which is what the content industry is fabricating as facts.

But let's say that there is loss of income, and that this leads to a loss of jobs in that industry. Does that mean that the money people are not spending on content just suddenly disappear? No, obviously not, instead that money is being spent in other areas (perhaps physical goods or services) which in turn employ people, which in turn might employ more people than what would have had the money been spent on what the content industry offers, which in would be better for the economy as a whole.

Obviously this doesn't negate the right of imaginar... intellectual property owners to cry foul when they are not compensated for these copies but to claim that 'american jobs' are at stake seems disingenuous at best
given that what we are talking about here are jobs in a particular industry that are potentially lost, and that the loss of jobs in that area is most likely to generate jobs in other areas.

edit: Oh, and respect to OSNews for the blackout, not being able to access one of your favourite sites at all during a period drives the message home in a much stronger way than a black bar over the logo.

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