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OSNews, Generic OSes ...and we're back. Like so many other sites on the web, OSNews joined the worldwide protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT-IP Act, which threaten to end free speech, economic innovation, privacy, and the free exchange of information on the web. I don't wish to waste too many words on our participation, so consider this item as a sort of comment lightening rod to make sure that when the next story is posted, we can focus fully on its topic. Update: DC seems to be getting the message the internet sent today.
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RE: Porn
by r_a_trip on Thu 19th Jan 2012 09:15 UTC in reply to "Porn"
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"Won't somebody please think of the children?"

I think internet does need control. Not the kind of normal new censoring. But the use of internet has become equally good and evil. That's the reality.

Congratulations, you have just discovered that the world isn't just filled with Care Bears, candy cotton and rainbows. And it's not just the Internet either.

I squarely reject your notion of the need for a nanny state, Jason Bourne. If you can't be bothered to raise your kids under your own supervision, why should someone else care? We are not going to break the Internet, just so you can abscond your own responsibilities.

I don't know how old your kids are, but if they feel the need to actively go looking for porn, they are probably in the stages of discovering their sexuality. In that case, a good, open and honest talk about human sexuality is in order. Don't let your kids "learn" about sex from porn (be it internet or dirty magazines). If you don't give them the info, someone or something else will.

No need for (largely) ineffective filters, just so you can live in the oblivious delusion that your kids won't see some smut somewhere on tha Intarwebs. Which, if they really are techie, they will see online if they really want to. Even if they can't, there are still magazines...

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