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OSNews, Generic OSes ...and we're back. Like so many other sites on the web, OSNews joined the worldwide protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT-IP Act, which threaten to end free speech, economic innovation, privacy, and the free exchange of information on the web. I don't wish to waste too many words on our participation, so consider this item as a sort of comment lightening rod to make sure that when the next story is posted, we can focus fully on its topic. Update: DC seems to be getting the message the internet sent today.
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RE[4]: Porn
by Lazarus on Thu 19th Jan 2012 19:40 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Porn"
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It's funny. OSNews is restricted to a small circle of readers. We need to get the better picture here. The world is just not this small group of people who are able to setup parental restrictions on a computer. And even if they were, there are no guarantees that the next door won't have that available.

Wikipedia claims that As of 2011, more than 2.1 billion people – nearly a third of Earth's population – use the services of the Internet. How many of them are restricted from reading OSnews if they really cared to?

I don't get what the moaning is about. OSNews itself "censors" many commenters.

The "moaning" is about a corrupt government pushing for over-reaching laws that do away with anything resembling due-process written and payed for by an exceedingly small fraction of the World's population hell bent on doing anything against the public interest to maintain their empires, who will not stop at only turning the US into a police state, but the rest of the world as well.

Thom himself used of censorship in my comments (last time "hitting the mod hammer" bringing it to -24 or something). What is this moaning about?

If you've been modded down so much, you've probably not merely said something that people don't agree with, but something really obnoxious.

You can do whatever you want in your site, but you want the internet totally free as in beer... I think you're kind of getting all wrong.

If the Internet were not free and open, just how many of the services it enables do you really think we would have today? There are just too many things for me to know where to start. The ability to share and collaborate across the world in basically real-time is now responsible for generating far more value to the Human race than whatever money is "lost" to "pirates."

Some of you may live in wealthy countries, but the majority of countries have huge problems in society concerning children education, narcotics and violence, and technology is playing a part on this.

Only if you can afford it. Imaginary Property laws of all sorts don't cater to those who cannot pay, and the continued encroachment of censorship prevents people from getting enough information to try to go it on their own.

Want it or not. Something major playing out there and geeks come here to cry out for their liberty.

Funny thing about freedom is that if you're not willing to fight for it, other people have a habit of taking it away. Some people are jerks like that.

Purposely I get modded down by who knows who just because I "violated" the reasoning of democracy.

Just a quick look at your recent comments seem to indicate that you've been modded down for derailing threads (like this one) with completely off-topic non-sense or otherwise utter crap.

I don't care about democracy as far as technology is helping to construct a demented sick society full of unbalanced people.

Wow. Just. Wow.

Let's pay attention to South Africa which wins as the highest rank in raping all over the world. BBC documentaries showing entire societies in which 6 in 10 women have been raped, not only raped but this caused by a relative.

And your wish to have the Internet censored would help with this by, how exactly? Not showing images or video of the violence because it might damage children here? What?

Don't you think that the porn industry and free access to it plays a part in this world, from your comfortable chair and wealthy PC. What is this attitude that "now that we're grown up, let's not give a f**k!"

How is people acting badly in parts of the world where Internet access isn't as pervasive as others in any way caused or influenced by the porn industry or the availability of pornographic videos?!

Is Einstein's spooky, action at a distance causing guys who jerk-off to porn in front of their computers in their own homes causing people halfway around the world to get raped by their relatives like demented quantum puppets?

Please explain your thinking process to me.

Jason Bourne's Spunky action at a distance theory of the porn industries magical effects on South Africa.

We better have the internet controlled by a major league of nations enrolled into the single purpose of bringing sanity to the internet.

The American government does have too much control, yes.

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