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Legal And bam, is no more. The FBI has arrested four people behind the popular file-sharing website, and is looking for three more, in a worlwide investigation into the website. Apparently, the site is super-dangerous - the indictment behind the arrests minces no words. As a countermeasure, people claiming to be from Anonymous took down the websites of ViaCom and the Department of Justice. Update: Ars has analysed the indictment. It's pretty damning, but does have a few weird odds and ends. Update II: And more and more sites are falling by Anonymous' hands. Largest operation in their history.
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I will not support this effort as it will enable the billions of Twilight fans to legally publish their own fanfiction and innundate us with boobery. Can we please make an exception to only allow IP protection on highly successful but vapid media?

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