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Apple Custom ROMs on mobile devices have been a staple-mate of the mobile industry since the Windows Mobile PocketPC CE Phone Edition Whatever days. Android took over here, with a lively custom ROM scene, allowing you to tailor your device to your own needs - including updates to operating system versions your device maker of carrier doesn't allow. Custom iOS ROMs, on the other hand, are pretty damn rare, so it's interesting to see a custom iOS ROM that brings several iOS 5 features to devices that can't actually run iOS 5. Welcome to Whited00r.
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Is it worth downgrading?
by Machster on Fri 20th Jan 2012 15:51 UTC
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The question is is it worth downgrading from iOS4 to something based on iOS3 to get a few iOS5 features but also at the same time loosing apps that may be designed for only iOS4 and above?

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