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Legal And bam, is no more. The FBI has arrested four people behind the popular file-sharing website, and is looking for three more, in a worlwide investigation into the website. Apparently, the site is super-dangerous - the indictment behind the arrests minces no words. As a countermeasure, people claiming to be from Anonymous took down the websites of ViaCom and the Department of Justice. Update: Ars has analysed the indictment. It's pretty damning, but does have a few weird odds and ends. Update II: And more and more sites are falling by Anonymous' hands. Largest operation in their history.
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I an trying to recall
by dusanyu on Fri 20th Jan 2012 17:28 UTC
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Ever Downloading anything "Illegal" from megaupload and all that i seem to recall seeing on that site was things such as Game mods and other forms of user made content.

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