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Internet & Networking Supposedly we've won today. Both the PROTECT-IP Act in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House of Representatives have been shelved by their respective sponsors. However, these acts have been shelved before, and the bags of money sent to DC didn't suddenly devalue, so I'm sure the next SOPA is being written as we speak. What did make me happy, though, was Neelie Kroes: the EU commissioner for the digital agenda has unambiguously distanced herself from SOPA, which she calls "bad legislation". Obama, the next time you want to make a statement with teeth, just wait for Kroes to do it for you.
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RE[5]: Not done yet
by B. Janssen on Sun 22nd Jan 2012 13:53 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Not done yet"
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It seems that half a century after, the wounds of WWII are still too fresh. Japanese works of fiction still tend to carefully avoid featuring atomic bombs, declarations that modern political campaigns have been invented at the NSDAP are still perceived as trolls, and if you go to Germany or Israel it is still a good idea to avoid mentioning that Nazis were elected in the name of hope during an economic crisis, under any circumstance.

I can't talk about Israel, but what makes you think the bolded part is an accurate depiction of German public discourse? It certainly does not reflect my experience.

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