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Legal And bam, is no more. The FBI has arrested four people behind the popular file-sharing website, and is looking for three more, in a worlwide investigation into the website. Apparently, the site is super-dangerous - the indictment behind the arrests minces no words. As a countermeasure, people claiming to be from Anonymous took down the websites of ViaCom and the Department of Justice. Update: Ars has analysed the indictment. It's pretty damning, but does have a few weird odds and ends. Update II: And more and more sites are falling by Anonymous' hands. Largest operation in their history.
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RE: Despair
by Trenien on Sun 22nd Jan 2012 19:08 UTC in reply to "Despair"
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Actually they're not, for the simple reason that the US Republic was founded upon the very idea that Democracy (seen as 'mob rule') was a bad thing. Madison makes that very clear in the Federalist Papers.

The idea that the USA are a Democracy is simply propaganda. It isn't one, and it has never been one : it is a Republic.

Just to be completely clear, there are no Democracies in the world ; a few countries are closer to the concept (such as Switzerland with its 'votations'). The word etimology tells you it is a government by the people (demos). An election process implies an aristocracy (aristos : the best). Of course, the question remain as to whether we really choose the best people for te job in all our so-called "democracies" (I know I already made up my mind).

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