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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The CPU design firm Venray Technology announced a new product design this week that it claims can deliver enormous performance benefits by combining CPU and DRAM on to a single piece of silicon. We spent some time earlier this fall discussing the new TOMI (Thread Optimized Multiprocessor) with company CTO Russell Fish, but while the idea is interesting; its presentation is marred by crazy conceptualizing and deeply suspect analytics."
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RE: SoC ? õC ?
by kokara4a on Mon 23rd Jan 2012 12:41 UTC in reply to "SoC ? µC ?"
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Yeah. But this processor is on the same chip as the DRAM. So it has very wide bus that connects it to the DRAM (4096 bits). However, I guess it's still subject to the same latencies.

It's a bit like the Cell's SPEs and I guess it will be as hard to program for.

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