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General Development This is a call out for help on creating a consistent and native feeling on Mac OS X and Linux. As I have never owned a Mac and haven't used Linux as my main OS for over 3 years I need the community of OSNews to help me do this.
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Save time use Qt4
by redsteakraw on Tue 24th Jan 2012 04:54 UTC
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Unity, even has adopted it for their 2d interface and ubuntu TV. By coding it in Qt you make it native in KDE, and look native in GTK environments since Qt has a gtk theme engine and a clearlooks theme.

You can check the following wiki for some more information

Furthermore you will have the advantage of a single codebase that can work on all of the platforms, which brings home the Java montra code once run everywhere. Unlike java the programs won't have a shitty theme but would look / act more or less native. Plus you gain access to a 2d canvas and a declarite API with Qtquick.

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