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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The CPU design firm Venray Technology announced a new product design this week that it claims can deliver enormous performance benefits by combining CPU and DRAM on to a single piece of silicon. We spent some time earlier this fall discussing the new TOMI (Thread Optimized Multiprocessor) with company CTO Russell Fish, but while the idea is interesting; its presentation is marred by crazy conceptualizing and deeply suspect analytics."
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by torbenm on Tue 24th Jan 2012 10:19 UTC
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I saw the idea more than a decade ago (1996), where someone proposed a Sparc processor in DRAM technology. It came out as fairly promising, but AFAIK nothing was ever built. See

Whether the case has gotten better or worse in the meantime, I can't say.

Also, ARM2 used only 24K transistors, not the 30K claimed in the article, so the TOMI is about the same size.

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