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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu As much as I dislike Unity, I commend the Ubuntu team and Shuttleworth for having the guts to try to innovate and bring the desktop forward (pretty much the exact same can be said of KDE4 and GNOME3). Shuttleworth has just announced yet another significant change for Ubuntu, and it's all about replacing the menu with a search interface dubbed the HUD.
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Microsoft Syndrome
by arbour42 on Wed 25th Jan 2012 01:16 UTC
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Ubuntu has gotten the same exact disease Microsoft has: MS couldn't think of anything compelling to put into Office, so they created the Ribbon: change only for the sake of change.

This thing is a usability nightmare. Menus have become too complicated to use? What nonsense is that? Will they take away keyboard shortcuts too?

Nobody has any ideas anymore to make their products "upgradable". More and more it feels like the software world is regressing. Everything has to be dumbed down to the level of an iPad interface.

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