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Mozilla & Gecko clones VirtualBSD 9.0 is a desktop-ready FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE built around the XFCE Desktop Environment for good aesthetics and usability, and is distributed as a VMware appliance (that can also be made to work with VirtualBox) so even non techies can be up and running in minutes. The most common applications, plugins and multimedia codecs are ready since the first boot.
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RE[2]: For display only
by lucm on Wed 25th Jan 2012 19:12 UTC in reply to "RE: For display only"
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"Interesting project, but I was disappointed to learn that it's only available as a virtual machine

Find out? What do you mean find out? It's there in the summary and there's a big warning in the download page too! ;-)

I said "learn." I learned it as soon as I had a look-see around the website.

we'd love to be able to offer an actual installation, but we're just 5 guys doing this in their spare time and we don't have the resources to do that. Not to mention that it would mean going head to head with PC-BSD...

I respect your decision, but can't understand it. Why is providing a bare metal installation considerably more difficult than providing a virtual machine? You wouldn't have to make your own installer, just a "customization" package for FreeBSD that would turn a raw, Spartan FreeBSD installation into something more friendly and usable. You know, install the window manager, configure X/xorg, help with mice and keyboard (including USB), wireless connection etc.

And what's wrong with "going head to head with PC-BSD"? By such standards, isn't PC-BSD "going head to head with FreeBSD"?

"1) Pure FreeBSD is too difficult to install and make work.

I/we think the situation has improved considerably lately, especially hardware support has become fairly good and the FreeBSD Handbook is a great starting point rather than, say, having to hunt the web high and low for the info you need. Give it a try!

Man, I've been trying for years.

Most of your remaining argumentation sums up like: yeah, it's tough, but suck it up and go ahead. And I've told you, I've done that and lost the enthusiasm I once had with something that apparently tries hard to be difficult.

"But, alas, it only runs as a virtual machine. It's not something I can actually migrate into and use for so long that I might eventually decide I will never leave.

Well, in principle you could and it's been done before.
In principle, I could. I could put up with two boot sequences every time the machine were turned on, and sacrifice some considerable hardware performance. In principle, I could. But can you blame me if I find that solution inadequate?

Thank you for taking the time to reply. It's always good to meet a developer or maintainer who is open to feedback.

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