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Editorial Why do people troll? Can we prevent trolling or limit the damage trolls do? Here are some thoughts on trollology derived from academic studies and web research.
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Top Ten Reasons People Troll
by fretinator on Wed 25th Jan 2012 19:50 UTC
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1. They just don't get how awesome Apple is.
2. They think everyone should live in their parent's basement and type weird terminal commands.
3. They don't realize that Media Corporations are people, too. They are part of a rising minority called Corporate-Americans.
4. They don't understand Thom's deep-seated resentment over the disappearance of BEOS.
5. They are confused by the fact that Bill Gates was able to have a relationship with a woman - a living, breathing woman!
6. They've never done the math - pirating music and songs and cost all of us Trillions of dollars.
7. They often misunderstand political issues and their impact on technology. For instance, Dick Cheney actually said there were instruments of math instruction in Iraq. Big difference!
8. They are just really honest people - they are not afraid to point out your obvious deficiencies.
9. When you are so many orders of magnitude more intelligent than everyone else, it's hard to not let it show.
10. Ain't nothing on T.V.

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