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Google Google has updated its privacy policy - in fact, it has consolidated a mess of over 70 different privacy policies each covering an individual service into one, simpler policy. You'll now be treated as a single account, and data will be shared between Google services to make search results and ads more personalised (I assumed they already did that - makes sense).
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Comment by testman
by testman on Thu 26th Jan 2012 01:48 UTC
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If you don't want Google or Facebook to know something, don't tell it to them. You don't shout your secrets in a crowded mall either, do you?

You don't have full control over your personal data. If someone tags you in Picasa, or even writes your name in the description, that's some personally-identifying data right there. Then, someone adds your email, photo, address and phonenumber to their smartphone and synchronises that with their Google Account:

PICASA: "You (and 7 other people) say this is THOM HOLWERDA."

So cross-reference this with your page-visits and Google searches, and they've got a pretty good idea of who you are.

You cannot tell me with a straight place that having this information all under one roof and in the hands of a private organisation cannot be a good thing.

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