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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu As much as I dislike Unity, I commend the Ubuntu team and Shuttleworth for having the guts to try to innovate and bring the desktop forward (pretty much the exact same can be said of KDE4 and GNOME3). Shuttleworth has just announced yet another significant change for Ubuntu, and it's all about replacing the menu with a search interface dubbed the HUD.
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RE: Is Canonical on crack?!?
by dagw on Thu 26th Jan 2012 10:26 UTC in reply to "Is Canonical on crack?!?"
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Pointing and clicking is only fast if a) you know exactly where you want to click b) the thing you want to click on isn't buried three sub-menus deep and c) your hand is already on your mouse. Otherwise typing will be quicker. Menus are great for discoverability, not necessarily for quick access. If you already know what you want typing a couple of letters will always be quicker than hunting for it in menus.

This HUD concept isn't new, several apps have used similar concepts for years and having used some of those apps personally I think it works really really well.

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