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Google Google has updated its privacy policy - in fact, it has consolidated a mess of over 70 different privacy policies each covering an individual service into one, simpler policy. You'll now be treated as a single account, and data will be shared between Google services to make search results and ads more personalised (I assumed they already did that - makes sense).
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RE[2]: Alternative perspective
by gan17 on Thu 26th Jan 2012 14:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Alternative perspective"
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Genuine question here. Apologies for the ignorance since I haven't used an iOS device in a while.

Lets say I have an iPhone and am accessing my gmail account and having a chat with a mate on gtalk with a newly created Google account (one that automatically creates a G+, youtube..etc account for me as well, if my understanding is correct). What sort of "privacy issues" would I need to worry about if, say, I was on Mobile Safari at the same time doing a search on Google or Youtube. Is my browsing "tied/polled" to my actual Google "profile", even though I'm accessing the mail and talk/jabber services via separate apps and never logged into any google service via the browser?

Again, apologies if this seems a dumb question.

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