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General Development This is a call out for help on creating a consistent and native feeling on Mac OS X and Linux. As I have never owned a Mac and haven't used Linux as my main OS for over 3 years I need the community of OSNews to help me do this.
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This will let me sit down and really analyze every difference between their versions. Maybe I can find some goodies in there.

Have you any experience with them? Do you know if there's any pitfalls or shortcomings they have not anticipated? Any mistakes you think I can learn from?

Other than as an user, I do not know much about neither application. What I can tell is that both front-ends seem identical functionality-wise but take that with a grain of salt as I mostly use the Qt versions ever since they became available.

Avidemux is really a multi-platform app and does not even pretend to integrate too much with the underlying operating system/desktop environment in a sense that it uses the same icons and UI conventions in all platforms and only the basic widgets (buttons, scroll bars, etc.) seem/feel "integrated". Not saying that I don't enjoy using it because of that by the way: I really love that app and couldn't care less about the way it looks. In fact, working consistently across the different platforms it supports is a plus in my book, not a minus.

Transmission on the other hand does a great job to properly integrate into KDE, using the native notifications API, Oxygen icons and what not. They've really gone the length to properly make it feel properly integrated. It truly feels like a KDE application. It will probably be more useful than the former for you as a research subject (as far as Linux is concerned).

VLC changed completely from GTK to Qt not too long ago but it did not bother GNOME users concerned with consistence on their desktops too much due to Qt's awesome themeability. You can check it up yourself by going to VLC and then clicking on Tools > Preferences and then on Interface change the option under "Force window style". It does not change icons or open/save dialogs to GTK+ style but in my limited understanding of its capabilities, I believe that Qt can in fact do those things if one wants to (not that I would EVER switch to GTK open/save style dialogs unless forced to!)

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