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Mac OS X "It's no longer possible to write a single app that takes advantage of the full range of Mac OS X features. Some APIs only work inside the Mac App Store. Others only work outside it. Presumably, this gap will widen as more new features are App Store-exclusive, while sandboxing places greater restrictions on what App Store apps are allowed to do." Anybody surprised by this, here's the clue stick. Please proceed to hit yourself with it.
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RE[2]: No MacOS X for me.
by BrianH on Thu 26th Jan 2012 16:27 UTC in reply to "RE: No MacOS X for me."
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MS already announced a similar position. Windows 8 Metro applications will be available only through the app store, and cannot be installed by way of untrusted third parties.

I heard that that was just for ARM client Win8, not for x86. Win8 ARM reportedly doesn't let you run non-Metro apps (because they aren't including the desktop interface at all), and as a separate constraint doesn't let you sideload apps from places other than its app store.

On Win8 client for x86 they are including the desktop interface and letting you run apps for it, and are letting you install apps from other locations. They haven't said one way or another whether Metro will run unsigned apps, or whether you will be able to provide signed apps from other places like you can now.

On Win8 server, x86 or not, they haven't said anything about this subject at all. There's a good chance that Win8 server won't get Metro at all, only desktop and the CLI. They certainly will allow at least self-signed apps because most business software is written in-house.

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